Why we’ve left Victoria and Angelina, women we so loved to hate, into the club

Victoria Beckham picks up her Woman of the Decade trophy at the Gamour Awards
Victoria Beckham picks up her Woman of the Decade trophy at the Gamour Awards
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What’s happening - are we going soft in our old age?

Famous women we loved to hate are now metaphorically clasped to our bosoms. They’re in the gang. We’ve bonded.

I’m talking Victoria Beckham for one. She was made Woman of the Decade, no less, at the Glamour Awards this week. And, after years of dissing her, we’re literally kissing her congrats on the bony, mahog cheek.

Credit to her, she went from Off-key Spice via tartilly-dressed WAG to sophisticated international fashion designer. That’s some leap. But an even bigger one is her Jess Ennis-worthy long jump from butt of global female bitchery to member of the super-elite club, Famous Women Adored By Women. Entry is SOOO exclusive. You cannot apply. You have to be voted in, then trillioned.

Queen Vic acknowledged it in her acceptance speech: “I love to support all women,” she cooed. “Girl power!” The words of one who knows what it’s like to be hated by other women because you’re pretty. And rich. And you’ve got a man everyone lusts after. A woman thrilled to finally have been accepted for all the other things she is by the harshest of critics; us.

Jolie is another cherishing her shiny new membership card. Remember when we thought she was too beautiful - and too weird, carrying around a phial of husband Billy Bob Thornton’s blood, then wicked for stealing the husband of universal sweetheart Jennifer Aniston?

We were sure it was all down to her. That Brad was hypnotised by Angelina the scheming siren who one day would head back to Jen. But look at Brangelina now; so as one, having faced her odds-on risk of breast cancer together. It’s obvious now what he saw in her and not in Aniston; strength and the courage to do what others don’t.

What won us over was the fact that during all the years we derided them, V&A quietly and calmly got on with work while raising a total of 10 kids in happy two-parent families. As we know, no mean feat.