Why we’re the festival city

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CLIFFHANGER, Tramlines, Sheftival, DocFest, Off The Shelf, Showcomotion, The Children’s Festival and MADE, the entrepreneurs festival.

It’s an impressive line-up and means Sheffield has more festivals than it has hills.

This city and its people have always known how to enjoy themselves so our festival fondness is no surprise.

And in a fashion which suits our industrial heritage, we know how to make them pay for themselves.

They bring thousands of people here, further Sheffield’s reputation as a city of substance and give us all a good time.

That’s because there’s so much variety in each festival and so many opportunities to find something new.

No wonder they continue to draw people to this city, the city of festivals.

How you inspired our Olympic stars

WE asked you to come and support our athletes as they headed off for the Olympic games. And boy, did you respond.

Thousands of you headed to the Peace Gardens to wish the best of luck to Jess Ennis, diver Nick Robinson-Baker, swimmer Ellie Faulkner and volleyball player Rachel Layborn.

They now carry our hopes for Olympic glory and your good wishes are clearly still ringing in their ears.

Just listen to Jess Ennis. “The people of Sheffield have been amazing these last months, always asking how training’s going and offering encouraging words.”

She knows we’re rooting for her and it is clearly inspiring her and our other Olympians.

Now let’s hope they deliver. Then we can all say we played a small part in the city’s Olympic effort.

Unfair meal deal

WE’RE all for a few cost-cutting measures in these challenging times.

But one route we should not be taking is skipping lunch to save a few quid.

Sadly, some students feel forced to do this as their funds dry up. And it’s not their fault.

A funding inequality means hundreds are missing out on a free meal if they study at a further education college. Their counterparts at sixth form schools still get the subsidy.

Which is just wrong. Youngsters get one shot at education but are less likely to succeed if they have no energy or can’t concentrate.

This needs sorting out because hungry students do not make hard-working students. Let’s make sure they get a fair meal deal.