Why we must co-operate with the lad mag cover-up

Lads mags hidden from view in the Co-operative food store on Ethel Terrace, Castletown.
Lads mags hidden from view in the Co-operative food store on Ethel Terrace, Castletown.
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Our ‘caring, sharing’ Co-op has made a stand on the news stands in their stores.

Saucy covers on lad mags like Loaded and Zoo are being hidden by modesty bags.

The aim is to cover up the raunchy images and suggestive content teasers from the curious eyes of kids popping in for whatever the modern equivalent of a Beano is.

As the mother of a boy who in adolescence found any excuse to stand and gaze at such mags I applaud the plan.

Not everyone sees the sense in it, though. Those opposed reckon the Co-op are off their trolley. Why censor only male mags when image-obsessed women’s mags crammed with diets and photo-shopped models also have a bad influence on children, they rant. True enough; way too many titles do push the ‘thin is in’ myth to a what is sadly an ever-hungry female audience.

But in my opinion, lad mags are far more adult than they look. These publications border on being sex mags - and market women as nothing more than objects of titillation. Their audience? Gawping, geeky young lads who will most likely grow up with a blinkered and chauvinistic view of what women want. There’s a knock-on effect on young girls, too. They think they need to become pouting, fake boobed, scantily-clad oral sex experts at 15 in order to keep a pimply-bottomed boyfriend.

I suggest the men -and tragically, women - who reckon these publications are merely harmless entertainment are actually a product of everything the lad mag stands for. They can’t see anything wrong with them because they’ve been over-exposed and over-sexualised all their lives.

Child experts now understand the influence sexy images have on the young. Change has to start somewhere and why not the Co-op.