Why we back police action

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IT is disturbing to read reports of a shooting and a stabbing on a city estate.

Such incidents have the potential to make decent, law-abiding citizens fear the worst.

We are told that rival factions loosely based around Wybourn are to blame.

It is often thus: the actions of the few can cause so much distress to the many.

But we are pleased to see police reacting quickly, robustly and effectively.

By patrolling the streets around the clock, calling at homes and talking to residents, police are making their presence felt.

They are reassuring those directly affected that they can go about their business.

It is always easy to criticise police in such circumstances for overreacting or not doing enough.

But in this instance they appear to have struck the right balance.

Let us hope officers and the community can work together to nip these incidents in the bud and rid the Wybourn estate of such an unwanted and undesirable presence.

Slow progress is the way to go

SO the 20mph speed limit for some residential streets in Sheffield is going to become a reality.

Not surprisingly, it has already met with resistance, but not just from opponents.

Members of the Twenty’s Plenty lobby say the plan, which has been reduced in scale, is timid. Such a reaction is not unexpected. This scheme is a classic case of not being able to please all of the people all of the time.

But at least the council has shown the courage to trial the scheme. And if works, who’s to say it won’t be extended.

Surely it is better to trial such a proposal in specific areas before broadening it across the city. Let the slowdown commence.

Grumpy old man

IT costs nothing to smile, they say, which is good advice for a Sheffield pastor.

That’s because Andy Wilcock has agreed to pay a fine each time he complains, moans or has a full-scale rant.

He was bought a Grumpy Collectuion Tin as his 43rd birthday present and money raised will help the Lost Chord charity.

Andy, who is pastor at a Walkley church, says he’s not really grumpy, which sounds promising. But he then admits he’s already clocked up fines for complaining the TV is too loud.

Keep up the good work Andy, remember, complaints equal cash.