Why Tramlines was a nightmare for us

Fans at the Main Stage in Sheffield, United Kingdom on 25 July 2015. Photo by Glenn Ashley.
Fans at the Main Stage in Sheffield, United Kingdom on 25 July 2015. Photo by Glenn Ashley.
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Why was the Tramlines Festival allowed to be held on the Ponderosa at Upperthorpe?

This is in the middle of a built-up residential area, bordered by seven tower blocks, numerous maisonettes and across in St Phillips Road is an elderly persons care home.

No-one in the area was consulted or even informed it was to take place until it was all cut and dried.

Protests took place but were ignored.

I live in Wentworth tower block at the bottom of Martin Street, a block designated for older people, my flat overlooks the corner of the Ponderosa, where they erected the main music stage.

Later the fairground rides arrived, the only thing missing was the big top circus. Will that be a thing in the future? Roads, street and parks closed down.

The noise from the stage was dreadful, my block vibrated and windows rattled. Sunday night was the worst of the lot. It must have exceeded the noise level and closed down later than advertised.

Kate Hewitt, programming director, was quoted as saying: “It will be lovely for the people in the flats to stand and watch the festival for free from their balconies.” Didn’t she bother to find out, we don’t have balconies?

Now it’s advertised that early bird festival tickets are now on sale for next year, 2016. Does this mean they may be back again on Ponderosa?

From time to time we have Peace in the Park on the Ponderosa, they also erect the music stage in the same spot as Tramlines did.

But Peace in the Park is only one day and night.

This you can tolerate but not the three days and nights we just experienced.

Sylvia Hewitt

Chair, Martin & Oxford Street Tower Blocks Tennants Association