Why should addicts subject us to pharmacy nightmare?

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I visited my local pharmacy at approximately 10.10 am to have my prescription dispensed. Upon paying for and waiting for my prescription, I noticed there was a male and female awaiting service.

They were fidgety, unkempt, smelly and quite vocal. After a short while they went to the open counter and were each separately given a brown bottle containing liquid which they drank at once. I understand that the liquid may have been methadone. Their behaviour in the presence of others waiting was intimidating at the very least.

There were others in the pharmacy at the time whose behaviour was unacceptable. Another female and several males, one of whom was intoxicated (at 10:15 in the morning!) and openly carrying an open can of Tennent’s Super Strength. He smelled heavily of drink and was in charge of a rottweiller puppy which was not on a lead and wandered in and out of the pharmacy unchallenged and unchecked.

Several senior customers were affected by all this commotion which seemed not to affect the staff at all. I can understand that pharmacy staff cannot be expected to be in the main customer waiting area to monitor things when they are dispensing. However, after working a 12-hour night shift ending at 7 am, attending a doctor’s appointment at 9.40 am and then going to the pharmacy, I don’t expect such hostile and incongruous behaviour.

Consequently, I had very little sleep before my next shift at 7 pm due to the anxiety and stress caused by this visit to the pharmacy. Why should ordinary patrons of the pharmacy have to share their time and space with drug addicts and alcoholics who are unable to behave in a responsible and courteous manner? Perhaps patrons like me are in a minority and need to look elsewhere for service?

Dave C

by email