Why Nick Clegg should resign

Mrs Kenworthy wants us to leave Nick Clegg alone.

While I don't condone violence I can easily understand the extreme anger shown by protesting students.

Nick Clegg parachuted into a student constituency and asked them to support him in keeping the Tories out. He promised to remove tuition fees. He rightly supported the loan to Forgemasters which would make a tidy profit for the Government, help the national and local economy, reduce imports and aid exports.

His assertions got the Tories and himself in power and now he has put two fingers up to those who voted for him. He says he didn't realise how serious the economic situation was. There is no system whereby a government can keep economic figures secret from the opposition, so how competent was he before the election as an opposition leader?

He was voted in on promises he reversed immediately after election. If he has an ounce of honour he'd resign.


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