Why is everything vehicle not pedestrian-friendly?

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Recently I had the misfortune to miss my tram from Crystal Peaks to the tram terminus at Halfway.

In the evening, the trams run every 20 minutes rather than every 10 minutes during the day.

At 8.45pm I was in a panic as my bus to Mansfield (the 53A) was due in at the Halfway stop at 9.10pm.

Since our service has been reduced to a bus every two hours instead of on the hour, this meant I would have to wait until after 11pm for the next bus home if I didn’t reach the stop in time.

Deciding to walk/trot the 1 ½ miles from Crystal Peaks to the park and ride stop at Halfway in order to catch the earlier bus it horrified me to find that there was no pavement running beside the tram tracks for the majority of the time.

Eckington Way is also extremely busy route for traffic heading towards the A57/Parkway and yet there is no cycle lane either, why is this?

One of my neighbour’s teenage grandchildren (who attend Westfield School near Waterthorpe) told me that two of his friends were knocked down in this area where the trams and road run side by side, yet there is no cycle lane and a poor pavement structure in place.

As people have to walk on a grass verge or in the road in order to take the safest route why in the 21st century is everything vehicle-friendly not pedestrian- or cyclist-friendly?

Geoff Evans

Bolsover, S44