Why I hope for the continued success of Robin Hood Airport

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Although I wanted to keep the Ferrari secret, I am touched to be so fondly remembered by Mike Moss and Howard Greaves (Letters, August 26 and 28).

Their faith in the long-defunct Sheffield City Airport (SCA) is admirable, despite scheduled flights ceasing 12 years ago after five years of low usage and high losses.

Conversely, since 2005, 8 million passengers have used Doncaster-Sheffield Airport (DSA) and, in a recent Which survey, it gained the top rating of all UK airports with 85% passenger satisfaction. So, it is misleading for Howard’s letter to be headed: “Focus on expanding Sheffield airport.....”. Reincarnation of SCA isn’t remotely possible.

Unfortunately, both refuse to face the fact that SCA’s runway measured 1,211 metres, whilst DSA’s is 2,895 metres and almost all its passengers fly to distant places in aircraft requiring runways over 2,000 metres and longer. SCA had no hope of gaining these flights and its runway could not be extended.

Sheffield is no longer the place half-jokingly named England’s largest village, but now embraces a wider area covered by the Local Enterprise Partnership. I hope, Howard and Mike will allow me to chauffeur them to see DSA. It wouldn’t be in the Ferrari, it’s kept under wraps, but I’d be delighted to show Howard that, at sensible speeds, the journey from Sheffield to the airport is quicker than he thinks. The link road from the M18 will make things even better.

The opportunity for Doncaster-Sheffield Airport will never be repeated in the region, so I hope for its continued success with increased flights. Howard and Mike may not choose to fly from there, but they should see how many others are happy to do so.

Over to you Howard and Mike, your chauffeur awaits.

Stuart Green

by email