Why have crossings and then not use them at all?

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In response to Matt Turner’s letter on May 14, I think he is wrong to say victims are blamed.

I have had near misses with pedestrians simply because they are not looking where they’re going, too busy on their phone or just selfish, ignorant and stupid.

Most near misses occur either in city centre or near university.

Also what’s the point in having crossings on Upper Hanover Street and Glossop Road when I see most pedestrians crossing at the junction or walking on the road (which is dangerous and unsafe) instead of using crossings which are provided either side on Upper Hanover Street.

It’s is good advice from police to say look make more carefully and that they will urge children to wear bright reflective clothing.

Pedestrians should look more carefully before they start to cross the road even when the green man appears at a crossing it is worth the look to see if any drivers aren’t going to stop for the red light.

What’s important? Your life or some driver who doesn’t stop for red lights?

I take responsibility for the safety of myself, my vehicle and my passengers.

Pedestrians are responsible for their safety.

I’ll make efforts to drive more safely if pedestrians of all ages make efforts to look more carefully, using the crossing provided instead of using a dangerous and unsafe spot to cross the road and take responsibility for their safety.

N Akram

Heeley Bank Road, S2