Why football is making itself look daft: from Spurs’ AVB to Owls’ Dave Jones

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Football is looking daft

THE KING is dead, long live the king – an opening to any article that ought to come around once in a generation, if that.
Instead we’re faced with re-throning ousted managers on their unique merry-go-round with alarming frequency.
Within moments of the Sheffield Star breaking the news that Dave Jones was sacked from Sheffield Wednesday yesterday evening, I received a tweet that said: “If sacking managers is such a shortcut to success, why does it happen so often? Clubs have no patience anymore.”
Self same person contacted me via Twitter as Barnsley’s David Flitcroft was given the elbow. He said: “He [Flitcroft] was a hero six months ago. Football is a fickle game. Barnsley are not sustainable in the Championship. Harsh sacking.”
If you’re a follower of the Premier League you’ll know that Spurs’ ‘AVB’ is under immense pressure to deliver results after spending over £100m. There’s talk all over the back pages and indeed the airwaves that the Portuguese should go.
Of all the cities in all the world, Sheffield can be most upset by football’s propensity to make itself look daft.
Nathaniel Creswick and William Prest did not invent the beautiful game for it to be sullied by nincompoops. Sheffield as a city ought to be proud that it invented association football. In fact, were it patented intellectual property, with the Steel City receiving royalty payments for every game played, we’d almost certainly be the capital of England.
As it stands, the right-thinking person has almost certainly declared the upper echelons of the footballing pyramid to be nought but an asylum of monetary madness hell-bent on wringing every last penny out of what was once a pastime unspoilt by greed.
Perhaps Dave Jones will end up in Barnsley and David Flitcroft in Sheffield? Then we’ll know the lunatics are running the asylum.
by James Mitchinson