Why do we need choice?

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I am grateful to Jayne Grayson for pointing out in her follow-up letter that we should have choice when it comes to requiring a TV licence.

My question is: Why?

Let’s face it, do we really have a choice in everything we do in life?

My view is that sometimes not giving someone a choice has to be the way forward. I think like that when it comes to the BBC and the TV licence fee.

It is not fair, Jayne, to say it is the BBC who insists that you buy a licence. Although I admit the majority of the licence fee is paid back to the BBC for their use, it is the Department of Culture, Media and Sport on behalf of the Government who set the licence fee and how much of it the BBC gets back.

In effect, the licence fee is a tax and like any tax the amount goes into the coffers of the Treasury first before being shared out in Government spending.

The money the BBC receives goes towards far more than TV.

Can I suggest you look up the UK TV Licensing System on Wikipedia as that goes on at length about the need for a TV licence.

Not everyone (as Jayne proves) is a supporter of the licensing system as it stands, including some in the media, but I think there is a case for supporting a world-wide broadcasting service like the BBC through public funds.

If that means giving up my “choice” in the matter so be it.


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