Why do cyclists need to use tram?

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After reading the letter by Mick Nott (Star, October 27) with the massive headline ‘Bicycles on trams’, I have to ask why do genuine cyclists need the services of Supertram? Next we’ll be wanting to put our cars in Eddie Stobart lorries.

In pedestrian areas bikes require concentrated careful handling.

I know this from experience of using trains to bring me back to Sheffield (the same day) from Scarborough, Llandudno, Morecambe and Scotland etc.

The trains had separate compartments for luggage, much wider platforms, wider exits and nowadays pre-booking facilities.

Handlebars, pedals, oily chains, wet and dirty tyres would be potential hazards to nearby passengers and clothing.

However, one advantage of cyclists using the tram may be that the number of cyclists on pavements would be reduced.

I also feel that most tram users, especially those without passes, wouldn’t want to share any space with a bike except perhaps a young child’s bike or a fold-up type.

If cycles were allowed on the trams then, in my opinion, the fare for the bike should be based on the minimum distance (eg two miles) with or without a passenger free pass.

I can understand the reported resistance by Stagecoach. As I have already indicated cycles on trams would create problems from the less careful and less considerate cyclist.

Stagecoach don’t need any lectures from any cyclists.

Health, safety, quality and costs have to be considered, but consultation is better than dictation for everybody.

Mike Dodgson (Bicycles for Cycling)