Why children don’t ‘grow out’ of ADHD - they simply grow up

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The latest pseudoscience concerning the manufactured psychiatric label ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) suggests children who ‘grow out’ of the so-called condition have higher IQs.

There is a fundamental problem with this ‘research’; there is no scientific evidence to support the existence of ADHD.

Here’s what it is - a set of behavioural and emotional characteristics that have been redefined as a mental disorder.

Furthermore, and moving even further away from science, ADHD was actually voted into existence in 1987. That’s consensus – not science.

Neurologist Richard Saul spoke on the issue concerning the legitimacy of the condition. He put it this way, “…after 50 years of practising medicine and seeing thousands of patients demonstrating symptoms of ADHD, I have reached the conclusion there is no such thing as ADHD.”

Despite the psychiatric dishonesty, the label continues to be used on children and adolescents who display disruptive, argumentative or disruptive behaviour.

However, the most alarming aspect of the entire charade is that the psychiatrist continues to prescribe dangerous, mind-altering drugs.

Yes, there are symptoms, yes, there is disruptive or argumentative behaviour, but real doctors will look to find out what’s causing particular issues rather than suppressing them.

Real doctors will carry out physical tests to search for and find the cause of the problem.

Psychiatrists however have no physical or biological tests that will support the existence of ADHD.

Twenty-eight years have passed since the condition was voted into existence.

That means there have been 28 years of pointless research, of wasted tax-payer’s money, and years of unnecessary drugging.

Unlike real medicine, psychiatry is based on opinions and whims rather than scientific evidence.

By insisting on real doctors who practice real medicine, we can ultimately bring an end to the ADHD gravy train.

Ultimately, when you realise that ADHD behaviour is reflective of normal childhood behaviour, you will also realise that children don’t ‘grow out’ of ADHD - they simply grow up.

Brian Daniels

by email