Who would give an order to charge unarmed men?

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Isn’t it ironic that 30 years on and the truth surfaces. Mrs Thatcher was willing to do absolutely anything to stop the strike, even considering bringing the armed forces to the front.

It is also true most of those pits closed were economically viable. Political dogma destroyed marriages, households, communities and villages.

I remember a warm summer’s day making my way to Orgreave with a couple of colleagues, standing alongside men fighting for their livelihoods faced by six rows of police in full riot gear.

Their ranks began to part, and in the distance I could see police on horseback coming closer and closer, moving faster and faster, with their batons in the air charging straight for us.

I saw a man fall holding his head, I saw men being hurled to the ground as horses knocked them out of the way with ease or trampled on those unable to get out of the way.

I and those alongside me ran to get out of the way of the horses and baton-wielding riders.

I would hate to think what could have happened had there been no railway embankment for us to run down.

I still see those horrific scenes 30 years later. I remember walking home feeling relief I was unhurt and anger at what looked like a police state.

Who would give an order to charge unarmed human beings with armoured horses and baton-wielding officers?

Paul E Colk