Who wants Crimean War Memorial back?

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Valerie Bayliss claims (Letters, December 5) that it is the wish of “many people” that the Crimean War Memorial be put back where it belongs.

I wonder who these people are?

Could they be her fellow members of the Victorian Society?

This appears to be the start of another campaign which, like the one to expose the remains of Sheffield Castle, claims, spuriously, that it is a response to popular demand. It is getting on for 60 years since the monument was moved from Moorhead and I doubt that even those who remember it being there are nostalgic for its return.

Apart from the practical considerations – the column is distributed along a footpath in Upperthorpe – you have to wonder why Sheffielders would want to commemorate a war from the 1850s, still notorious for the disastrous Charge of the Light Brigade.

Paul Kenny