Who’s going to pay?

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I am all for affordable education, it is the key to everything and on certain levels I like and admire Jeremy Corbyn, but on other levels such as when he stated that he would introduce free university courses I believe thta he is an ideological socialist fool with little or no concept of economics, let alone the working class reality and working class aspirations.

What he fails to grasp is the fact that there is no such thing as free, somebody has to pay the bill.

Ed Miliband stated that it would be the sensible retiree who would be paying via their private pensions pots before the last election. Who would Jezza fob the bill off with?

The British working class has been left high and dry by Labour for decades.

Labour has forgotten its core voters’ needs and wants, it has continually promoted its “diversification” plan even though it is destroying the communities and futures of its core vote and as such is losing votes to UKIP by the million.