Who organised the protest petition against Ched Evans?

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Let me make it clear that I do not know Ched Evans and if I were to see him in the street, I would not recognise him.

However, a large number of people have signed a petition demanding United’s managment refuse to reinstate him. I find this totally foreign to natural justice. Evans has been tried, found guily, sentenced and served that sentence. That, to me, should be the end of the matter. It should not be allowed by law, to attempt to deny one their right to follow their lawful occupation having served a sentence.

I realise people argue rape is an awful crime and people who perpetrate it are awful. I agree with the sentiment but nevertheless, the law has been administered by a judge who listened to all the evidence , unlike myself, (and no doubt virtually all who signed the petition.)

When I read reports of the case, I felt there had been, if not a miscarriage of justice, then something approaching it. There appeared to be reasonable doubt over some of the evidence. It appeared to be a case of one person’s word against another. Evans feels aggrieved to the extent that he is still trying to clear his name. I hope he succeeds.

With regard to the petition; who organised it? Did the victim append her signature? Was it circulated at football clubs that wanted to benefit from Ched’s apparent ability to score goals? It seems a lot of effort has been applied to the task of collecting these signatures. Maybe it was some football agent with an eye to getting his hand on a hot property.

And just in case some one should think I am a mad Unitedite, for the record, I haven’t been in a football ground in over 40 years. I think the entrance fee then, was the same amount paid to watch Stanley Mathew’s Cup-final at Wembley. Three shillings and sixpence! I don’t think I can afford to go at today’s prices!

Jim Hudson

High Green