Who decides which of our comments are passed on?

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In connection with a proposed housing development, residents directly affected have been invited to submit comments to put before the Planning Committee.

It goes on to say that we should note that only a few applications are put before the planning committee.

One such application to comment has been acknowledged adding that it has been truncated (edited/shortened).

How can the Planning Committee arrive at a considered opinion without being given the opportunity to see and weigh up all the evidence and comment presented by all parties concerned?

Just who decides what comments are passed to the committee?

Who decides what needs to be truncated, i.e bits left out?

And what is the criteria on which these decisions are based?

Many of the comments cannot be confined to a few paragraphs, but need explaining in some detail, with events going back over some years.

How can any of us be certain that our very real concerns have even been seen by the Planning Committee, much less, given them any consideration!

Thank goodness for Magna Carta. Even the lowliest of us peasants can say or do what we like so long as we say and do as we are told.

Dave Froggatt

Primrose Lane, S21