White elephant

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Is the South Street Amphitheatre just one more white elephant that our council dreamed up?

Who in their right mind wants to go there? Even on a fine summer’s day a slight breeze in most of Sheffield’s districts is much like an 80 mph gale. I can foresee many an audience scampering home if even a slight rainfall blows in from the north west. I don’t know about Greek dramas kicking off the opening nights. Methinks our councillors should stage A Midsummer’s Night Dream, for are they not all a bunch of dreamers when it comes down to running Sheffield?

Pete Godfey, Grayson Close, Stocksbridge

Wonderful care while in hospital

I WAS a patient in the Hallamshire, Weston Park and Jessop Wing over the last three months and would like to say that the care I received was excellent. The nurses and doctors worked hard, although they were clearly under a lot of pressure due to staff shortage and long hours. I found they were professional and caring at all times.

My post-operative care at home was also excellent. The community team were always polite, punctual and knowledgeable about my needs. I felt secure and confident that any question I had would be answered efficiently.

I appreciate that I am one of the lucky ones. However I feel that the health service is a precious commodity free for all at the point of service and it would be a shame if things were allowed to deteriorate as a result of NHS funding cuts.

Ann E Brothers, Grenoside Grange Close, S35

Family benefits

I’M pleased they are cracking down on benefits. I know people who have not worked for 20 years or more and are proud of it. Their kids are also on benefits and if that’s not enough, they then apply for disability. There is nothing they won’t try to get more money, apart from getting out of bed. I have always worked and so do my children and we are all proud of that. These people should should do some kind of work, even if voluntary. They have bled this system for too long. They can afford to go out, drink and smoke while a lot of hardworking people can’t for doing what’s right.

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