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I was recently made aware of a case where Derbyshire Wildlife Trust are suing Derbyshire County Council when they pushed through plans to develop an cycle track on a designated nature reserve. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust rejected the compensation measures given by DCC and have taken them to the High Court to protect what they feel is a valuable site.

Now, I am not a Trust, I am an individual citizen but I am angry and disappointed beyond words that Sheffield City Council in cahoots with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have ‘stolen’ a valuable area of green belt for development without even mentioning compensatory measures other than a couple of nest boxes, a few bat boxes and a green roof!

And this is to compensate for a site that supports thousands of species of birds, invertebrates, butterflies, amphibians and all manner of complementary flora.

So to all the legal eagles in and around Sheffield, how would I take Sheffield City Council to court and how much would it cost me?

Lee Swords

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