Where’s Enoch when you need him?

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I thought we had taken our share of migrants until I saw it on the news that we are taking more.

Why should we be dictated to by the other countries that have taken some, that we can take the overspill.

We are only an island and the smallest one at that. It is not a refugee crisis, it is a mass migration and a lot are not fleeing conflict, they are coming here because they can.

I work in education and British kids have been outnumbered by the ethnic majority. This indicates to me that immigration is so out of control.

It has engulfed Britain, affecting schools, housing, healthcare and employment.

Why can’t our children go to the schools of their choice any more? Not too many years ago my kids could go to any.

Why are people waiting ridiculous lengths of time to get a family home?

Why is there always unacceptable delays in waiting for healthcare treatments and appointments?

Why is there mass unemployment and where is Enoch Powell when you need him?