Where are children supposed to go?

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I am writing about the letters in The Star regarding teenagers loitering on Parson Cross.

I would like to stress where are these kids supposed to go?

They are wrong if they are sitting at their computers all night, they say they get no exercise and they are wrong if they go out. Where can these kids go?

My three children grew up in the ’70s. Each night they went to a youth club, where I knew they were safe and had plenty to occupy them.

Now these kids cannot do right for doing wrong.

The old housing office on Wordsworth Avenue was supposed to be made a youth club but they have not made any progress.

I have two granddaughters who are no troublemakers. There are naughty teenagers but it’s not fair they are all getting tarred with the same brush.

It’s time something was done for the kids to keep them off the streets.

One unhappy nannan, Mrs S O’Brien, Sheffield

PS There are plenty of mums and dads of kids who would gladly help out at youth clubs. I know because I have spoken to them.