When it thundered the whole night long

Photo over Balby during the electrical storm on July 4, 2015, by Chris Stanley

Photo over Balby during the electrical storm on July 4, 2015, by Chris Stanley

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I was thinking the other day about thunderstorms in the past.

One storm I remember vividly was on Whit Monday afternoon about 4pm.

I was living at Lodge Moor then, the year was 1954. Suddenly the sky went black like night, then all hell let loose for about an hour, all different lightning strikes and a deluge of rain. I was 12 at the time.

The other storm I can remember was a Saturday night in August 1957.

The worst thing about this storm was the thunder from about 7.30pm to 3.30am.

Another storm was on August 15, 1964.

We had just turned the radio on for Variety Playhouse, compere was Vic Oliver, comedian and violinist, who married into the Churchill family.

There was an announcement to say that Vic had died suddenly, aged 66. Me and my mother were close to tears.

The last two storms were very memorable indeed.

First was June 2 , 1965. On June 1 it snowed for an hour then the next day I can only describe this storm as a humdinger in which every building in the city centre was flooded and people had to resort to bucket chains, even shoppers helped.

A chimney on West Street was struck by lightening in July 1982 which sent debris crashing in the road narrowly missing a double decker bus.

But now to the present. The lightning was sheet lightning and it had been fork lightning. I believe that many more buildings would have been struck.

John Jackson


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