When is a bedroom not a bedroom? When it’s a box room!

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Your report into the ‘bedroom tax’ seemed sensational until reading how many better points could have been made.

Take nine-year-old opposite sex twins for example, today they have to move house because they must share a bedroom or pay the bedroom tax, next year they have to move house again as they are no longer allowed to share a bedroom.

So councils will have to bear the costs of moving them twice - they are on benefits and therefore unable to fund themselves - but also as council houses are never re-let for maybe three or four months the income is lost to the tax payer.

This was not the most important point missing.

A couple are turned down as foster carers because their ‘spare bedroom’ was too small to be used as one by a child then it cannot be called a spare bedroom only a box room.

So now publish those measurements and I am sure a large number of people hit by the bedroom tax haven’t got a spare bedroom at all only a box room.

It is all too easy for us to blame Mr Cameron but it is the faceless ‘Whitehall Wonders’ who come up with these ideas and whoever is in power has to use the same people.

S Thompson