Wheelie bins blaze warning

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A RESIDENT had to be treated by paramedics for smoke inhalation after attempting to put out a fire in a bin store near his Sheffield home.

The man had tried to extinguish the blaze started at around 8.30pm on Saturday at maisonettes in Hucklow Road, Firth Park. Firefighters were called and put out the flames.

Two wheelie bins were also set on fire close to a house in Mason Avenue, Aughton.

Firefighters warned the public to ensure bins are not kept near buildings so fire does not spread if they are set alight by arsonists.

Watch manager Delroy Galloway, of Aston Fire Station, said: “The bins were closer to the house than we’d like. People should ensure their wheelie bin is kept in such a place that, if it is set on fire, there is no serious danger to lives and property.”