What time’s the bus?

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Why is it not possible to get public transport on route x5 to Sheffield?

For instance, on Wednesday, July 8, we were waiting for the 9.52am service, x5 to Sheffield, thinking that the bus has always been a little bit late, it then got to 10.12am for the next bus due, but that never turned up either.

Asking the other people at the same bus stop, they said we have seen two buses going up to Dinnington and none coming down to Kiveton Park.

Finally the bus turned up at 10.40am as if it was the normal time.

When we returned from our destination we saw the same people still waiting for their service bus.

Phoned Transport Travel Line and they told us, there was nothing wrong with the x5 route according to Firstline bus company. This shows the state of public transport today.

Does this mean that we have to wait for the bus to come when it turns up?

Poeple with doctor and hospital appointments, when some have only this way to get anywhere.

M Fletcher