What’s the point of millionaire owners?

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A couple of weeks ago you published my letter regarding Sheffield’s two football clubs now being in the hands of multi millionaire owners.

I questioned how much United’s owner had invested in the team last season and how I suspected that their fans would have had high hopes that some top class players would have been signed and ultimately been disappointed.

I admitted that there is probably the same expectation now at Hillsborough, and stated that it would be an interesting summer.

Well, I wasn’t far wrong because the very next day Wednesday sacked their manager and there were signals coming from the Blades that the manager would be bringing along the younger players and using them and the loan system to bolster up his squad.

That hardly suggests much has changed at the Lane.

Meanwhile over at our ground, Wednesday’s new owner seems to be on a crusade to single handedly reduce unemployment in Europe by having the biggest committee in football running the club.

It hardly got off to a flying start when one of said committee members did a runner after only three weeks.

Now we have a saga about who is to be the new manager, with a Portugese guy who has somehow managed 14 clubs in 16 years, winning one trophy, the current favourite.

If I owned a company and was looking for a manager, I think I would take one look at that CV and toss it in the bin.

It’s hardly an advert for stability is it?

Now it seems we’ve tried to get a manager from Swindon to act as the new manager’s assistant, which he has prompty turned down according to news reports.

It now seems the man from Protugal may be moved upstairs and the man from Swindon made coach.

Do I take it that we are creating posts to fit the man, rather than getting the right man to fit the post?

Now the national newspapers are taking the micky out of Wednesday, one pointing out the above management saga and concluding, “We know how this one will end”.

Sadly, they may be right unless decent money is invested in the playing side at Hillsborough’.

Equally, I hope United spend some cash too, otherwise, what is the point of having millionaire owners?


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