What’s the point in all recycling?

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our multitude of bins are emptied on Fridays. We have a normal bin, big, black and splendid. We have its little brother, skinnier, blue, but equally as tall. We also have the runt of the litter – a small blue paper and card tub, resplendent with blue shower cap, tied carefully to a handle to save it getting recycled or blown away.

And how many dedicated vehicles for the trio of waste containers do Veolia send?

Three? No. Two? No. One? Yes...into which all the carefully sorted waste goes, willy and quite probably nilly.

What’s the point of carefully sorting household waste when those down-to-earth blokes from Veolia chuck it into one lorry?

The council says: “We provide households with blue bins and blue boxes in which to store paper/card and glass, cans and plastic bottles for recycling and with black bins for general waste.”

What they don’t tell us is that after we carefully sort out our waste, they make a mockery of our sterling efforts by chucking it in one lorry, which presumably mixes it all back up again.

What’s the point in us sorting our waste, and the council spending our money on all these jazzy bins and tubs, when it all gets mixed back up again?

Richard Martin, Woodseats Rd

refuse operatives now drag round a black bin with no lid and empty blue boxes full of paper into this then it’s emptied into the lorry. Before the change to the way collections were made, paper was thrown manually into the big compartment and the bottles and tins were emptied into a small compartment by mechanical means. Now it’s the other way round. Does this mean there’s a decline in paper recycling?