What is behind academies?

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Thank you for your article about parents’ concerns over the academy plans at Fir Vale School. The question not yet addressed was why the government so desperately wants schools to become academies.

For instance, Education Secretary Michael Gove demanded that 200 ‘failing’ primary schools should also become academies.

What lies behind this is an attempt to change a publicly-run education system to one operated on free market lines.

The academies programme allows education businesses to run schools and tender for all the services schools need.

This represents a massive privatisation of the system, similar to that attempted by the coalition with health.

If all schools become competing business units there will be a chaotic mess of winners and losers instead of an integrated system that works to help all children. If education is run on free market lines, children will lose out in the drive for profits and parents will be left with no say.

We have seen what happened in the care home sector when private business was allowed to run essential services. We must make sure this doesn’t happen in schools.

Julia Shergold,

parent at Fir Vale School

Gizza break!

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Drop in prices

May I say I agree with Sheffield market stallholders trying to get a discount. What I don’t agree with is that they won’t keep their prices down or even give us, their customers, a drop in prices. Last time they received a discount all their customers had to pay extra, while stallholders enjoined a reduction in rates.

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