What has happened to our city?

The ornate steelwork feature is removed from Castle Market
The ornate steelwork feature is removed from Castle Market
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What used to be a wonderful, thriving shopping centre has become a disgraceful eyesore.

Empty, neglected, beautiful craftsman built buildings, for example, the courthouse and the Cannon Hotel, which is now used as a urinal and smells to high heaven, when passing on Castle Street.

The Black Swan Hotel, as I knew it, on Snig Hill, once a lovely family pub, now gone to rack and ruin.

Markets being demolished, which could have rehoused, with restoration and much cheaper, the market built on the Moor, which I am ashamed to call a market.

No wonder there is hardly any traders left in it to pay extortionate rents.

The council’s way to encourage customers is to take away the FreeBee bus and put up parking charges.

To say Sheffield is on the up and up is wishful thinking. The council is full of big ideas, which are never followed through.

All I can say is, get off your high horses and fulfill the promises you make, and employ someone who knows about town planning and make this a city to be proud of, like the one we had 50 years ago.


Westminster Estate, Sheffield 10