What City of Sanctuary really means

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City of Sanctuary exists in many cities to help people who have fled the fear of persecution or death, and have been sent there at random by Home Office diktat.

Asylum seekers have no choice where they are sent, and are forbidden to work, (until a year ago they were even prevented from volunteering), and the Government’s policy of disbelief, dispersal and destitution means that many face isolation and hostility.

City of Sanctuary was set up, first in Sheffield and since then in 36 other places, to overcome this by providing somewhere that these most vulnerable people could meet others facing the same problems, and also citizens of the communities in which they have been placed.

However, it has not brought anyone to the city.

It does not exist to do this and has no power to do it.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35