What are inset days?

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I just found out today that my granddaughter has Monday off school for an “inset day”.

Can anyone explain what these days are used for?

They seem to be random days off for teachers because after this year’s summer holidays the children should have been back at school on a Tuesday but because of two inset days they didn’t go back until Thursday.

Now to my way of thinking the Baker days/teacher training days/inset days should have been before the holidays finished, so children do not miss any learning days.

If it’s a training day, what was learned at university for all those years?

Once again a Conservative government bring something out without really looking into it.

Did they think about all the working parents who had to take days off work to look after their children or try and arrange something? No.

Did they think of teachers who have children? No.

Do MPs put their mouth in motion before putting their brain in gear? Yes.


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