What a waste of time

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I, ALONG with many other parents took the day off work to help escort my son’s class to Chatterstream – Mad Hatters Talk Picnic.

Chatterstream was a brilliant idea– gather together children and get them to forge links and practise communication skills and confidence building. What a great response, with so many children (a thousand) and parents, teachers turning out.

The marketing must’ve been quite spectacular.

The event itself was not.

Unless you class the ‘...storytelling, games and performances’ all as one thing, it was also badly advertised.

The Children’s entertainer completely failed to entertain, announcing that every comment from every child was ‘fantastic’ and that ‘It’s a very important day for me today, because it’s my first day as a children’s entertainer...’ more than 16 times. If this was supposed to be amusing, it completely failed.

The patronising tone of the event and the lacklustre mediocrity was astounding, especially given the subject matter.

I have organised many community festivals and events in Sheffield and have never struggled to get a large group of high quality performance artists involved at very little, or no, cost.

This city, where there are hundreds of skilled circus performers, magicians, comics, musicians and artists.

Where were the ‘...games’, the ‘performances’. What did the ‘storytelling’ have to do with the subject matter, or with communication?

What a waste of time, effort and lost wages, none of which we can get back now.

It’s important to provide our, more sophisticated than ever, children with a good impression of our city’s attitude towards them.

We will reap what we sow. What a shame

Polly Perkins