What a pretty picture officials want us to see

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Crime figures down again, eh! And a whopping 10 per cent at that.

Crikey, if it continues at this rate, could we soon expect to walk the streets alone without fear? Or not have to armour-plate vehicles to prevent them being stolen? Could we even leave our doors unlocked at night – just like the old days? Of course not. And the reason is because this is just more drivel.

As always, the actual state of the nation is best told by the people who live in it. They will declare that these statistics are bunkum. Why? Many offenders don’t get charged because countless criminal acts have now been diluted to anti-social behaviour. Other crimes are dealt with by a simple caution. Those who are charged are often discarded by the CPS. And the ones who do make it to court are often given nothing more than a wrist-slapping. Moreover, how many times do we see judges sparing the most despicable criminals a stint in jail? And those who get incarcerated get their sentences automatically halved in most cases.

So the crime figures are not down, they are ignored, discounted or amended. This coupled with the fact that most folk don’t bother to call the police because they know little or nothing will be done, is how the figures are massaged to paint a pretty picture.

It is propaganda that Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of.

Peter Flynn