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I feel I must put the record straight concerning the lack of a restaurant at Weston Park Hospital.

There is a restaurant on the top floor of the hospital which serves a range of hot and cold meals.

My husband and I visited the hospital for seven weeks while he received radiotherapy. For the most part we bought a meal deal from the WRVS kiosk in the reception area, which consisted of a sandwich, packet of crisps and either a hot or cold drink.

On the odd occasion when treatment time allowed we went up to the restaurant and enjoyed either a salad or some other meal.

I think the reason why people are told to bring sandwiches with them when they go the hospital for treatment is because of the length of the treatment involved, which means they are unable to use the hospital facilities.

In conclusion may I say that the care and concern we received from everyone at the hospital was outstanding.

We have no complaints at all and fortunately the outcome has been extremely successful.

Long may they continue to deliver such an excellent service.

Margaret Kidger

by email