Western powers need to listen to Russia’s plea

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There’s no doubt that the use of chemical weapons against innocent civilians is totally unacceptable, and that it shouldn’t be tolerated.

But it’s important to listen to the arguments from Russia and China.

While Western politicians told the Syrian government that use of chemical weapons would cross a “red line”, it’s worth noting that in May, Reuters news agency quoted UN human rights investigators claiming to have evidence of the use of sarin gas in Aleppo – the same agent used in the recent chemical weapons attack – by rebels, which killed and injured civilians as well as government soldiers.

Apparently, use of chemical weapons only crosses a “red line” when they’re used by the government.

Throughout Syria’s civil war, Russia have continued to complete arms deals with the Syrian government.

Obviously, this is wrong, especially when it leads to civilian deaths.

In the 1980s, companies from the US, the UK, France and other countries assisted Saddam in developing chemical weapons to be used against Iranian soldiers and civilians.

Russia have urged the Syrian government to put its chemical weapons under “international control”. If the Western governments ignore this opportunity, I would like to see every newspaper and politician repeating the phrase: “Shame on you, US and EU”.

P Farley