Well done, John

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I AM proud to know John, the ‘Madman with the Pram’. I first met him when competing the The Star Walk.

That was a good charity fund-raiser and when we met up again at Chapeltown Asda a few months ago, he still remembered me. He is marvellous. Carry on the good work John. You are five years younger than me, so I know you will do it! See you next time you are in Chapeltown. Best of Luck.

Mrs A Trickett, 10 times Sheffield Star Walker

Collect unpaid council taxes

Isn’t it about time our dreadful council started collecting the £26 million owing on unpaid rates/community tax?

Also let us not forget all the millions owing in rents that has been written off. By whose authority?

Certainly not the homeowners who have to pay on the dot. People who have found it hard buying their homes when interest rates were at their crippling highest ever. Now we are paying extortionate amounts in council tax – for what?

Now the rubbish bins are to be emptied once a fortnight. Are we to expect a reduction in our rates bill? Some hope. It probably won’t be long before this becomes a separate charge just as they did with the water rates years ago.

If all the millions of pounds owing in council in rent and rates were collected they might just (if we’re lucky) stop bleeding dry private homeowners who, if they ever hit hard times through illness or redundancy, soon find themselves taken to task if they are late paying, never mind not paying at all!

P Kelsey, S17

Badger cruelty

If you are out for a walk in the countryside around Sheffield and witness illegal badger baiting then please contact the police immediately.

Over the last couple of weeks many of us have read about a terrible case of badger baiting. Six men and a teenage boy dug out and killed two badgers from a sett on farmland. Before the badgers were killed dogs played tug-of-war with one of the badgers. Witnesses called the police and the men and teenager were arrested a short time later.

Please be vigilant. This barbaric and abhorrent behaviour must be stopped.

Will Wright, Four Paws