Welcome to England, new Sheffield Steeler: this way to your cell.

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Steelers’ coach Gerad Adams today praised new winger Danny Bois for remaining up-beat - despite a horror story experience at the start of his career in the United Kingdom.

The 31-year-old Canadian’s first taste of British hospitality was to be slung in a detention cell at Heathrow airport. He’d dropped a clanger on one part of his immigration paperwork - and no amount of explanation seemed to placate immigration officials.

Icy reception for Danny Bois

Icy reception for Danny Bois

The player spent 10 hours in the holding area before club owner Tony Smith managed to negotiate his release. Bois arrived in Sheffield, hopped on a bus to Braehead and was then beaten up by Clan rival Zack Fitzgerald - who was later suspended for two games for attacking “an unwilling combatant.”

Adams, speaking after his side went top following their 3-2 win over Coventry Blaze, said the detention of Bois had been over a “massive technicality. I have been in this country a lot of years and that’s the first time I have heard that happen. It is unique.

“He came out of it unbelievably with a positive attitude. He could have turned, with that first impression, but he has been a joy to deal with since he got here. He had a rough travel time getting here, he didn’t train with the team, he hasn’t trained in a while” said the coach.

“It is best for the player both mentally and physically to allow him to calm down get some training sessions in, get to know the guys a little bit, the way we operate, rather than just throwing him back in the fire risking another injury.”

Adams said Fitzgerald’s actions had been that of a dirty players and his two-game ban had recognised that. “Initially it looked like he (Bois) didn’t want to get involved in a fight and he got punched in the face, his gloves were still on. There is an old saying: everybody has a game plan until they got punched in the face. It is unfortunate that happened.

“You have to allow players to trust their instincts, he got in there to separate an altercation and the player was deemed dirty by the League.”

Steelers are a point clear of Braehead at the top of the table and have a game in hand on them. “Any time you are top it feels good” said Adams. “The players had an outstanding weekend, it was very difficult with three games in three nights and the travel.”

Asked how much does it means to be top after 17 games, he replied: “Not much to be honest! I don’t want to be a downer on it, but our end goal is to be there, I think it is going to yo-yo a couple of times, but it’s a nice reward for the guys after the weekend we’ve had to be in first place.”

Adams had some defensive slip ups last weekend, but overall, Adams said he was delighted with the way his players “competed in our own zone.” He added: “ I thought we blocked a lot of shops and did a lot of little things that maybe go unnoticed by a lot of people but it was something we didn’t have a couple of weeks ago.”