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It isn’t every day the Government looks at investing £32 billion on major rail links between Sheffield and the south east. But it is now a serious proposition if we get the high speed rail link.

This will have major impact for not just the speed and connectivity to London and the south east, but also to markets in Europe.

In effect the new link, if built, will help to re-balance the economy of the UK not just from south to north, but also from service and financial institutions to manufacturing and making things.

This is vital if cities in the north, such as Sheffield, are to achieve their full economic potential.

So it was somewhat cheeky for a pressure group of southern NIMBYs to tell us why the scheme isn’t good from their prospective region (Dec 16).

Yes, like all major infrastructure schemes we will see a few losers , but that has to be weighed up against what is on offer and what the economic benefits will be in terms of growth and jobs for areas such as ours.

The economic case is there for all to see. It will bring multi-millions of pounds a year to our area.

In the new world, if Sheffield and South Yorkshire are to prosper we need to see private sector growth.

This kind of Government investment will help to support and speed up the private sector growth we need. Also at the same time, it will rebalance the economy from south to north and from service to making things.

If we really want to stand up for Sheffield, we should welcome the Government’s intentions and bring it on!

Coun Paul Scriven, Lib Dem, Broomhill Ward