We would survive without overseas workforce

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Paul Kenny (letters page, April 25) is becoming a joke as all his letters claim the NHS would collapse if we got rid of the overseas workforce.

Rubbish, it survived without this workforce before nationalisation when it was private and you had to pay for treatment, visits to GPs and hospitals.

The less well-off either borrowed or suffered, the well-off didn’t.

Enoch Powell, a Tory minster in the 1950s, started this con of we’re desperate for overseas workers for the public sector/NHS, in other words to bleed you dry and keep unemployment high and wages low.

National Insurance for your so called healthcare/pension is another form of income tax.

Paul Kenny seems to defend the migrant as if we need them.

Rubbish again.

This country suffered high unemployment before both World Wars when industry was booming but there were no vacancies.

Now there are more fiddles to make it appear low and industry has just about gone.

In 1939-1945 the Tories all of a sudden found employment for either armed services or munition factories etc.

Females transferred around the UK to work the fields (land girls) or school boys down the pits.

So where were the Eastern Europeans doing land work?

They weren’t. It was locals until Tory landowners refused them work with the excuse that they could not get local labour. But the truth was they did not like the new minimum wage or even paying holiday pay so they had to go to Eastern Europe as more countries joined the EU. Immigration is a capitalist con, bleeds you dry, we would survive without them rest assured as we always have.

G Ellison

S18 2HE