We will not be found wanting

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Please could you make a stand and demonstrate that good, ethical journalism exists despite the fact that so many national newspapers seem to have turned their backs on it.

The refugee crisis is not the opportunity to preach hate and division that so many newspapers seem intent on making it into.

It is not a time for rhetoric or for party political divisions; it is a time where humanity needs to unite in order to help the thousands and thousands of innocent people for whom the entire world has been tipped on its axis.

Please don’t let our local politicians misrepresent the views of Yorkshire people and suggest that we wish them to do anything other than help those in need as much as is absolutely possible.

The parallels between the plight of the Syrian refugees and those who were displaced from their homes in the times of war in our own land can surely not be missed.

In that time, Yorkshire, (and many, many other parts of the country), was not found wanting when the need arose to help those less fortunate than ourselves and it will not be found wanting now.

Pete Gleadall

Preston Way, S71