We want to help business grow

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AN initiative to Sheffield council’s Cabinet next week is another great demonstration of the work local Lib Dem councillors are doing to boost the economy.

The proposal is for a completion bonus, whereby city centre developers will be exempt from certain contributions if developments are completed on schedule. This incentive would apply to small- to medium-sized schemes whereby relatively small changes in development costs can make all the difference to viability. The aim is to secure development that would not otherwise have taken place and therefore bring additional jobs and investment to Sheffield.

This goes to show that Lib Dems in Sheffield continue to promote new and innovative ideas. In contrast Labour promise to stick two fingers up to business by cutting the £1.4m fund earmarked to attract investment and jobs. Readers are still waiting for an explanation from Coun Dore despite the issue being raised in these letters pages. It’s typical of their approach – they have no long-term plans or vision.

When new jobs are needed more than ever, it’s important that Sheffield has councillors who understand business and want to help businesses grow.

Coun Paul Scriven, Lib Dem Leader of Sheffield Council