We should leave EU

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WHY should the UK stump up £17.5 billion to prop up a falling, dying Euro?

We should now leave the EU like General Lord Gort did in France in 1940 with his BEF, en-route to Dunkirk, when he knew the Germans would trap him.

Mr B Beatson, Monteney Road, S5

Mother of a criminal

I’m sorry to divulge I’m mother to a criminal: my son received a four page letter informing him that he owes 60p income tax from 2008-2009. I’d like to know what this has cost in administration.

F Greaves, Castle Hill, Eckington

Insult to Woodhouse

the Lib Dem leader (Jan 21) insults lots of people who worked to save our playing field over a lot of time. Members of Woodhouse Hill WMC, Woodhouse Forum Labour Group and many more have used these playing fields for years.

We had picnics, played games and both churches had events there. Football was always popular and cricket. Miners walked home over the fields. They should be protected.

Mrs A Nicholls, S13

Tills are waste of time

do self-service tills really save you time and the store money? The one I use usually has several staff round it to help when it plays up. ‘Unexpected item in bagging area please wait for assistance’, is all I ever get. Waste of time.

Jayne Grayson