We should keep Bowden Houstead wood intact

Taken in 1965, the exact area where the building would go
Taken in 1965, the exact area where the building would go
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In the centre of Bowden Houstead woods, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have applied to erect a new fire station.

I along with many others only found out this was being planned when I saw it in the Star, and needless to say if you don’t read an evening paper then you wouldn’t know.

The consultation process by the planning committee has been flawed to say the least.

The exercise did not cover anywhere near enough of the surrounding areas so the local people who know, use, and love these valuable woods could be informed.

I have only seen three notices about the proposals and these were on top of the proposed site.

I would have thought these should have been at every entrance to the woods, so this would ensure most of the locals were aware of the proposals.

It feels almost as though this was an attempt to slip this in without people being aware of it, and the statement that this is former industrial land is nonsense, as the above image proves.

I took this image in 1965 and shows the exact area where the building would go. As can quite clearly be seen, this is at the very least a green field site and should not be built upon.

Added to this is the fact that there must be an abundance of brown field sites locally which would be much better for this development in every way, and would not involve the devastating destruction this proposal would entail, both to the public and the flora and fauna this site supports.

We should be protecting these areas of ancient woodland and not destroying them in this way.

Paul Ratcliffe

Richmond, Sheffield