We need to walk in safety

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One would have thought that paying council tax, parish precept and income tax, and being a good citizen, one could walk in safety to the local shops and amenities.

This is not so, as the people in Station Lane and Oughtibridge Lane, Oughtibridge cannot walk into the village without risking their lives walking over the railway bridge as there is no footpath, as they cannot see oncoming traffic until it is on top of them.

The problem could be overcome by removing the short wall at the end of the footpath near the houses and installing a footpath across the railway track and against the bridge wall, this could accommodate mobility cars. A footpath continuing up the road could be a later consideration.

Further up Oughtibridge Lane is Platts Lane which leads into Wharncliffe Woods. There is a proposal to build houses along this and I would suggest that not one more dwelling is built until the footbridge is installed. If such a hazardous area was on a building site, the Health and Safety would be taking an interest.

R Hudson, Church Close, Oughtibridge

Jimmy statue

I’ve supported Sheffield United since the later 1940s and in all that time some great players have graced Bramall Lane. One player reigned supreme: Jimmy Hagan. He should have a statue at the ground. I have no quibble with the two statues already there, but to all those with the Blades at heart, and who saw him play, Jimmy Hagan was No 1. After all Wednesday tried to buy him. Please Mr McCabe, can we have this tribute to surely our greatest ever player?

T Kaye, Wood Lane, Sheffield

Join high flyers

The increasing role regional firms and researchers are playing in developing state of the art aerospace materials, techniques and technology, has been recognised by a decision to launch a local branch of the Royal Aeronautical Society at Sheffield University’s Advanced Manufacturing centre with Boeing. As part of the inaugural event, wouldn’t it be appropriate to have a fly-in of all the aeroplanes capable of using the adjacent Sheffield City Airport? The runway is still intact. In doing so Sheffield would once again be rejoining the UK’s high flyers.

M Moss, Sheffield