We need to revolt

city centre buses
city centre buses
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We should be united to boycott the buses for seven days, let the buses run empty, make a stand. Complaining is not enough, show them what we are made of.

If not we are all in for a miserable 13 months of chaos.

The buffoons need to know who they are dealing with.

Yes, the taxis will make a kill, they will be next to make us, the people, suffer, then we give taxis a wide berth.

I am fed up of being dictated to, they should listen to us, not themselves.

We, the people, if we can walk to our destinations, then do so. Revolt.

The traders in the city, Meadowhall, will suffer, let them. Make a stand.

R Adams

Keppel Road, Low Shiregreen, Sheffield, S5