We need to look at how other countries handle the situation

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A 16-year-old Roma boy has been tortured and killed in France. We can only hope that the tensions between Roma and locals never escalate to this terrible end.

We need to look at other countries’ handling of this problem to realise how hard it will be to solve it.

Germany was one of the first countries to welcome East European families but found that the Roma in particular had no intention of integrating.

They were housed in modern blocks of flats and soon scared the local residents out and soon the flats became filthy with rubbish thrown out of windows and areas round the blocks used as toilets.

When the local German authorities checked on occupancy of the flats they had up to four times the allowed numbers in them.

I lived and worked in Germany for four years and know you don’t mess around with their police but still a lot of the areas taken over by Roma became no-go areas.

The 31st British Social Attitudes Survey has been published.

This is a government-funded study of general attitude in this country to immigration.

This is a non-political study and it says 95 per cent of us believe that speaking English should be a requirement and one in four want immigration cut or stopped.

The study says that their is a ‘disconnect’ between the politicians and the working class who bear the brunt of the problem.

Having a police presence in the troubled areas is costly and won’t solve the problem.

I have no problem with anyone from anywhere in the world coming to work and live amongst us but we cannot be expected to pay for their housing, education, food, medical welfare and eventually pensions unless that person contributes to their upkeep.

Worried Sheffielder

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