We need to have some sort of life

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Common sense should prevail, it’s like having a dog and barking yourself, useless.

There is a layby opposite the main entrance to Eva Ratcliffe House, in Yew Lane, Ecclesfield, where ambulances should have priority.

Due to new rules we can not use the layby. My relatives and other people’s family have to park on the next road.

But what about the cases who are going for check-ups at hospital?

The ambulance doesn’t wait long, it simply picks up and drops off.

If a serious case needs to be taken to hospital urgently, it won’t be here long at all, just the time it takes for the ambulance man to get to the patient and depart.

I and many other residents in Eva Ratcliffe House have great difficulty in walking, some can’t walk at all, others only with assistance.

I and others find this a tiring and painful event and by the time I reach the car I am in such a lot of pain, it turns what should have been a nice change of scenery and outing into an obstacle course.

So some days I think I shan’t bother.

Couldn’t the layby be extended, so that ambulances can park and Blue Badge holders don’t feel they will get a parking ticket?

Many got a ticket a few years ago, until I contacted the Parking Services, who apologised and said they had no jurisdiction over the layby, and those who had received tickets got their money back.

I ask again, why should elderly residents of Eva Ratcliffe House have to walk to get in a vehicle, when the main entrance to our building is right outside?

Why do we have to be in such a state that we need an ambulance?

Give us a chance to have some sort of life.

Sheffield say they are a caring council.

Let’s see some proof of that.

Eileen Stennett