We need to blow our own trumpet for once

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What’s wrong with some of today’s Sheffielders? I was born in Sheffield in 1938 and retired to Suffolk when I was 65 but I still have Made in Sheffield printed through me like a stick of rock!

I read The Star regularly and I know it reflects a balance of opinion but I have been disgusted at the bad publicity that some readers have given the new Moor Market recently. It seems that some of us have a death wish!

Town centres up and down the country are dying for lack of investment but Sheffield has just opened a ‘state of the art market’ at a cost of £18.4 million but some of our own (even including market traders) have seen fit to rubbish it in the media. I just despair, especially when I read that the old Castle Market should have been improved. Get real and get into the 21st century. The old market is being improved, it is being pulled down! Don’t these people remember a building that leaked every time it rained?

We don’t deserve a decent city centre and a wonderful new market if all we can do is criticise.

Who was it said: “There is no such thing as bad publicity” it could have been Oscar Wilde. Well, he was wrong. Give a dog a bad name and it sticks.

Sheffield deserves better. We need to blow our own trumpet for once. My slogan for the new market would be: Moor Quality, Moor Choice, Moor Value, MOOR MARKET.

Keith Ryder Winkley

Palgrave, Suffolk